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Regulations of orders of advertising gadgets in the BESEDA company.

§1 General provisions

1. Company BESEDA ADRIAN BERESZYŃSKI Ul. Wąska 31, 62-052 Komorniki NIP 7831570896 REGON 634508160 sells lanyards and advertising gadgets. Website’s address: www.beseda.pl.

2. Company leads production and sales lanyards and advertising gadgets in Poland and abroad.

3. Regulations govering issues of using BESEDA’s services and defines rules of placing orders for advertising gadgets.

4. Placing an order via email the Client confirms that client got acquainted with regulations and accepts all of the conditions and will undertake to implement them.

§ 2 A product and selling value

1. Products of sell are lanyards and other advertising gadgets with print showed on www.beseda.pl and chosen by the Client. A cost of lanyards and wristbands can be found on Beseda’s pricelist, the other advertising gadgets are valued individually.

2. Products prices given to the Client in Poland are netto prices and they do not include transport cost.

3. Transport cost in Poland is 18PLN netto for a parcel up to 30kg. Quantity of parcels depends on order size.

4. Products prices given to Client on territory of the European Union do not include VAT If the Client has got valid number EU VAT. Prices do not include transport cost. Cost and term of transport is given when placing an order and depends on address and size of order.

5. Prices given to the Client from outside of the European Union do not include VAT and transport cost. Transport cost to outside of the European Union are estimated individually.

6. Express deliveries prices are valued individually.

§ 3 Placing and completing orders

Graphics and samples pictures on www.beseda.pl and in emails do not really match to colours of made product and might be slightly different. To place an order product specification, project, contents of print and/or logotype are necessarily given by the Client. All production files sent by the Client should be in vector format and colours matching to Pantone set. The seller based on Pantone set, however reserves the right to diver 1 ton from Pantone set during a realization. The client is fully responsible for infringing the rights of third parts, especially when placing orders infringing trademarks, copyrights, or other protected rights The seller offers free of charge visualizations of lanyards and advertising gadgets according to Beseda templates. Orders can be placed only via email. Orders are recognized as placed only when visualization and pricing has been approved by Client. Project is passed to realization only when visualization has been approved. The seller can contact the Client via given email or phone to clarify doubts, confirm placed  order or other inquires of realization order. Ordering by the Client means to conclude a purchase contract/sale of ordered product. Confirmation of placed order is statement of acceptance offer referred to in sec. 4 below:

§ 4 Term of orders and transport

1. Term of fulfillment orders are given individually for each order and they depends on size, quantity and kind of product taking into account the current state of production.

2. At the moment when deadline is set, in case when order is not placed in next two working days, the booking automatically expires. The next free term might be different than last one.

3. The seller is fully responsible for keeping the order deadline and dispatch a parcel to Courier according to the date indicated on the order.

4. Beseda company gives only estimated time of transport and does not take any responsibility for delays on Courier side and also because of the force majeure.

5. Delivery of ordered products take place via Courier company or via self-pick up.

6. At the request of the Client, seller pass a parcel to Courier ordered by Client and seller does not take any transport charge.

7. An order is sent for an chosen address given by Client

8. In case of wrong or inaccurate details given by Client especially wrong or inaccurate address, phone number or contact person, seller does not take any responsibility for failure to deliver goods or delays on delivery of goods.

§ 5 Forms of payment

When making new partnerships the first three orders require a prepayment of pro forma invoice issued within two days date of payment. An order is passed to realization after
receiving a proof of payment. Failure to pay pro forma invoice in two days time automatically cancels an order. Clients ordering for more than three times will receive an invoice when or after receiving
goods with 7 days payment time. After the last invoice payment date has been exceeded, the Seller has the right to refuse the order.

§ 6 Complaints

1. The Seller is fully responsible to the Client if sold goods have got defect, where this defect is incompatibility of the goods sold with the contract and it is different from approved project.

2. In case the Client does not specify the colours from Pantone set, the complaint of colour is not taken into account.

3. The Client has got the right to place a complaint in time of 7 days after receiving goods.

4. The Seller in time of 14 calendar days will assume an attitude to complaint placed by the Client and the Seller will notify the Client of the ways of next procedures.

5. To consider complaint the Client has to deliver complaint goods with proof of purchase and description of complaint.

6. In case of considering complaint on the Client benefit – the Seller will change faulty goods for product free of defect or will remove the defect.

7. The seller will not receive goods sent by Cash on delivery or sent on the Seller cost and the Seller is not responsible for costs associated with such shipments.

8. If the complaint is accepted, Beseda company will send changed product at own expense.