How to order?

Implementation stages


You send us your idea or ready-made graphics.

Print test

This is the printing stage and checking what the final product looks like.



After approval of the trial product, we complete the order in full.



Delivery of the order to the indicated address.

Step 1: Idea

Your creative thoughts are a treasure to us! All you need to do is send us your idea or ready-made graphics, along with the following key information:

  • What exactly would you like to order?
  • In what quantity?
  • When do you need your order?

To better understand your vision, it’s best to provide us with vector files.

Specify colors in Pantone C.

Step 2: Price and Time

After receiving all these important details, we will provide you with a price quote along with information about the time required to complete your project. We want you to have a full picture of what to expect. At this stage, we may also ask additional questions to ensure we understand each other well.

Step 3: Visualization

If you’re curious about how your project will look in reality, now’s your chance! Based on the files and description you provide, we will prepare a visualization for you. And here’s more good news – you get up to three visualizations included in the price!

Step 4: Your Final Word

Now it’s your time to shine! We eagerly await your feedback and opinion. We want the project to meet your expectations, so now you have a say in what happens next.

Step 5: Settlement

Once all the details are ironed out and the project has been approved, we will send you an invoice for the payment. It’s a simple step that brings us closer to your dream. After the payment, we move on to the next stage!

Step 6: Production

It’s time for the favorite part – production! Our machines are set in motion, and the magic begins. You can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while we take care of the rest.

Step 7: Delivery

When everything is ready, your order embarks on a journey straight to the address you provided earlier. We will send you all the shipping details.

But this isn’t the end of our relationship! Remember, you will always remain in our memory. If you have a new project or would like to return to us with another order, we’ll welcome you with open arms. Our shared adventure can continue, and we’re here for you.

Let’s stay in touch!